Our solution - DRAM

DRAM Filtration is engineered to extract and reclaim a diverse array of metallic components from mine tailings, eliminating the need for sophisticated infrastructure. The solution works to remove multiple contaminants simultaneously with a single pass through an organic filter media. Utilising locally sourced raw materials makes both CAPEX and OPEX low in relation to other technologies and makes the solution more desirable to small scale operators.
 The primary focus of DRAM is on recuperating non-target yet valuable metals from gold mines, such as silver, manganese, and copper. This proactive approach prevents these metals from entering the environment, averting pollution, and facilitates their resale on the commodities market. Many of these metals are vital for the electronics industry and can play a significant part in the push towards net zero. Additionally, the purified water can be reclaimed and repurposed, either for industrial use within the mine or for irrigating nearby crops. 

The widespread adoption of DRAM, coupled with an innovative business model, could yield significant environmental advantages for artisanal mining communities without impeding the ASGM sector's operational capacity. In fact, this solution has the potential to augment miners' current income while simultaneously curbing the need for additional future mining operations by recycling valuable metallic resources.

If widely adopted, the DRAM system not only prevents the continued environmental release of associated metals but also has the potential to address historical tailings ponds and impacted water courses. This application could halt the ongoing spread of contaminants in water, sediments, and soils, significantly contributing to mitigating further damage to the Amazon's biodiverse ecosystem and enhancing ecological restoration efforts.